Escape Fake

Using Escape Fake in the classroom or at home is easy: all you need to do is download the markers, print them, install the app and you are good to go.



Museum of Fake

Players visit the Museum of Fake, set in a dystopian future and get an understanding of different historical fakes. 

  • Historic examples of fake news
  • Image manipulation and verification 
  • Deepfakes

The Bus Situation
(Room 1)

Investigate the story of a bus driver who was reported to be transporting refugees. 

  • Recognizing fake news
  • Online behaviour and data privacy
  • Strategies used for disinformation
  • Image manipulation
  • Phishing

Trouble with (e)Lisa
(Room 2)

VTuber Lisa, a lifestyle blogger, managed to bring about the collapse of the EU. How did she create such a societal split?

  • Deepfakes
  • Evidence collages 
  • Manipulating search engines
  • Viral slogans and social bots
  • From Jan. 2024


    New Version 2.0.7


    New app version 2.0.7 for Android and iOS is available
    now compatible with Android 10+.

    Beware: the app needs a new image marker set.


    In our digital toolkit you can find ideas and resources for using Escape Fake in your classroom or workshop setting effectively. The toolkit will be available in 5 languages: EN, DE, IT, HU, RO.

    What you can find in the toolkit
    • In-depth content for teaching about disinformation: historic examples; psychology of disinformation and cognitive biases; tools and strategies used for the spread of disinformation; steps to debunk fake news. 
    • Activities for educators to accompany the use of the Escape Fake game, for different ages and class durations
    • Ready-made presentations 
    • Evaluation questionnaires to check the students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills 
    • Behind the scenes: how Escape Fake was created

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